Band Collar, Grandad Collar, Cheegs Collar, Oriental Collar, Tunic Collar and the list goes on!

Band Collar, Grandad Collar, Cheegs Collar, Oriental Collar, Tunic Collar and the list goes on!

When we launched our clothing brand on Kickstarter, we had no idea how many different styles of collarless shirting were being offered to the world. We used the term “collarless” to describe a small portion of the collarless world itself. In order to correct our generalization, today we are going to go into the details of different types of collarless shirts. This will help give you the knowledge to better understand what you have in mind when searching for your collarless shirt.

Grandad Collar (Band Collar)

The grandad collar is synonymous with the band collar. The name came as a result of its popularity in the industrial era among the working class. The Grandad collar consists of the band only and does not actually have a collar. It does have a single button below the Adam's apple that connects the band at the center.

Mandarin Collar (Also known as the Chinese collar or Oriental collar)

The Mandarin collar is another one of the most popular collarless shirts available today. The Mandarin collar does not include a button on the band itself. The other difference is that the mandarin collar has a gap at the center below the Adam's apple where the band does not connect.

Nehru Collar

The Nehru collar is another collarless style that has had a comeback in recent years. Taking its name and inspired by the clothing of former Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, the collar is a stand-up collar similar to the grandad collar. People see the Nehru collared shirt as a step up from the traditional grandad shirt. Today the Nehru collar is seen as a smart-casual option for stylish and fashionable men.

Cheegs Collar

The Cheegs collar was created in 2020 and features a much more modern style than its previous cousins. The style does not feature a band that surrounds the neck and has no visible buttons around the collar. The shirts are very much about rounded edges and simplicity. The shirts have flat collars that lie lower on the neckline.