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Modern Era Dress Shirts

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Cheegs 1.0 Series

The Original

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Cheegs 2.0 Series

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Carbon Positive Impact

We can proudly say that we are a carbon positive company.

Collarless Design

Meticulously designed without a collar to prioritize your comfort.

NASA Heat Regulating

Exceptionally effective at reducing sweat, decreasing perspiration by 48%.

Hidden Metal Snap Buttons

A sleek buttonless appearance with reliable metal snap buttons that make on and off easier.

No Ironing Required

Our wrinkle-free fabric eliminates the need for ironing, so you can spend less time doing laundry and more time doing what you love.

4-Way Stretch

Our fabric's 4-way stretch technology allows for unrestricted movement, giving you the freedom to move however you want.

Explained by its wearers.

Tech-Infused: Customer Insights

David W.

GREAT PRODUCT - 2.0 Collarless Future Button-Up - Black

Customer service is A++ and i get compliments on these shirts all the time.

Seva B.

AMAZING SHIRTS - 2.0 Collarless Future Long Sleeve - White

My new go to daily wear. Comfy and stylish.

Richard L.

GREAT FEEL EVEN IN FLORIDA HEAT! - Hybrid 2.0 Popover - Lightblue

I’ve been a big fan of the mandarin shirt for a while but it didn’t work for my more formal occasions. Been really impressed with the quality of this shirt. Holds up well In humidity and I’ll definitely be looking into getting some short sleeves soon for party time!

Tyler Y.

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE - 1.0 Collarless Future Long Sleeve - White

The shirts are extremely comfortable -- and the small amount of time saved in buttoning and unbuttoning really makes taking them off easy.

Joseph R.

I WISH ALL SHIRTS WERE LIKE THIS - 1.0 Collarless Future Long Sleeve - Light Blue

Fits like a glove, feels great, and looks even better! I'm excited to get more of these and have everyone at all the weddings I'm attending this year ask how I look so good without a tie. Thanks, Cheegs!

James I.

MOST COMFORTABLE SHIRT EVER - 1.0 Collarless Future Long Sleeve

I'm loving my shirt. Has a great zen-like look to it and I have been getting frequent compliments.

Christopher H.

FEELS WONDERFUL - Hybrid 2.0 Popover - Black

Well made , modern and most importantly comfortable! Worth the price!

Joseph H.

WORTH EVERY PENNY - 2.0 Collarfree Future Short Sleeve - Navy

I was hesitant at first due to the price point, but it’s replaced four of my other, lesser shirts. More Cheegs please.

Gino M.

GREAT DESIGN - Hybrid 2.0 Popover - White

I’ve received many compliments on my shirt. It’s durable, wrinkle-free, and looks great!

The Original Collarless Dress Shirt

Immerse yourself in the world of tomorrow's professional attire. Our visionary fabrics, meticulously refined over 5 years, are at the forefront of technological innovation, delivering unprecedented comfort and style





Of male professionals have not worn a tie in the last 2 years.


Of men said comfort was the most important factor when buying clothes.


Of men are unaware that comfortable collarless dress shirts exist...

Discover Our Textile Secrets
"A comfortable and modern alternative to the old-fashioned and inconvenient collared dress shirts."
Never reach for that natty t-shirt again.
Daring to do things differently.
Fashion for the Modern Man.
Cheegs is changing the business fashion game with their collarless style.
It's everything a man needs to get through his day without having to worry about his clothing.

About us

Designed out of necessity

Innovation lies at the heart of Cheegs, and our commitment to advancing fabric technology is at the forefront of our success. Our founder, Chad, recognized the tremendous potential in creating a line of dress shirts that blend contemporary style with the latest breakthroughs in fabric engineering. By incorporating high-tech fibers, such as moisture-wicking materials, stretchable fabrics, and anti-wrinkle finishes, we have crafted shirts that epitomize comfort, performance, and the forward-thinking nature of our brand.

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Easy care guide

We developed one of the highest quality fabrics on the market and used it to design a timeless, long-lasting dress shirt that you can wear season after season. To keep your Cheegs shirt fresh: Machine wash on a cold and gentle cycle. Do not iron and do not dry clean.

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Cheegs blog
Cheegs Founder Chad Heegaard On The SeerTech™ Series.
Behind the scenes

Cheegs Founder Chad Heegaard On The SeerTech™ Series.

We introduced our first two series for those show stopping moments - formal, sophisticated, and high-end. Now, with our latest release, we present the most comfortable shirt for your everyday wear....