A Cheegs review by one of our favorite Cheegs customers

January 27, 2023

"I believe in the brand and I want to help spread the word about how great these shirts are."

Meet Fabian, a successful entrepreneur and top customer of Cheegs. As a busy entrepreneur, he values comfort and style in his clothing, which is why he fell in love with Cheegs collarless dress shirts.

Fabian wearing Cheegs Collarless Dress Shirt 2.0 Long Sleeve BlackFabian is 6'0 and is wearing a Black 2.0 Long Sleeve in size Medium Slim 

 Fabian's appreciation for Cheegs has led him to not only be a loyal customer but also a brand advocate, he's been happy to participate in photoshoots for us.

"I believe in the brand and I want to help spread the word about how great these shirts are," he says.

"When I first discovered Cheegs, I was immediately drawn to the unique collarless design. Not only does it give me a modern, sleek look, but it also provides a level of comfort that traditional dress shirts just can't match," says Fabian.

It's not just the design that sets Cheegs apart for Fabian. The breathable fabric is a game changer as well. 

"I'm always traveling, whether it's meetings in Cape Town or working on my latest app project in San Francisco. With Cheegs, I never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or sweaty. The breathable fabric really keeps me feeling fresh and cool, no matter how busy my day gets."

Fabian also appreciates the versatility of Cheegs collarless dress shirts.

"They're perfect for any occasion, whether it's a business meeting or a night out with friends. I always receive compliments on my Cheegs shirts and I'm happy to tell people about the brand."

Fabian wearing Cheegs Collarless Dress Shirt 2.0 Short Sleeve WhiteFabian is 6'0 and is wearing a White 2.0 Short Sleeve in size Medium

When wearing his Cheegs dress shirt, it gives a positive impact on his motivation and mindset.

"There's something about wearing this shirt that just makes me more motivated. When I put it on I'm a better version of myself. I can focus better on work but it also reminds me of doing good."

Fabian loves the special touch of the quote sewn on the plaquet of Cheegs dress shirts. His favorite quote is "forgive" which holds a special significance for him. It serves as a daily reminder to practice forgiveness and let go of negative emotions. The quote sewn on the plaquet adds a personal touch for Fabian, it makes him feel more connected to the shirt and the brand.

In short, Fabian loves the comfort, style and motivation he gets from wearing his Cheegs shirts. If you're looking for a dress shirt that will make you look and feel good, Cheegs is the perfect choice for you. Don't just take Fabian's word for it, try one for yourself and see the difference.