The Power of NASA Technology in Fabric

The Power of NASA Technology in Fabric
A brief explanation of how we incorporate temperature regulation into the world's most comfortable shirts. We apologize in advance for the technical terms used below.

Cheegs shirts incorporate outlast technology for heat regulation

Our Cheegs™ fabric is engineered using Phase Change Materials (PCM) made by Outlast®. These Phase Change Materials use micro-encapsulated heat cells that were originally developed for NASA spacesuits. They act as a temperature regulator for your body, enabling you to stay fresh and comfortable regardless of the climate you are in.   

Recycled polyester fibers are melt-spun with Thermocule PCM to achieve fiber embedded with PCM. This fiber is spun into yarn, then into the fabric, creating our unique Cheegs fabric. 

Other heat management systems try to channel the sweat that develops and wick it away from the body. Outlast® thermo-materials start working even before the moisture is created. In this way, the amount of sweat can be significantly reduced. Independent studies confirm a reduction of up to 48%.

Thanks to Outlast®, your Cheegs shirt adapts to thermal changes, absorbs excess heat, reduces overheating, reduces chilling and reduces perspiration. Meaning that you can enjoy a hot summer day in pure comfort!

Cheegs shirts in Utah in really hot weather

Tested by our founder, Chad

"I truly value honesty and transparency when it comes to all things Cheegs. That covers manufacturing facilities, materials we use, quality inspections, product testing, and customer service. 

I understand that we have a responsibility to create products made in line with your values and ours. That's why we test our shirts in all environments and conditions ourselves to ensure that what we claim is true. 

This is me in Moab, Utah on a 110°F day. I can feel the Outlast® Technology doing its magic. There's not a single sweat stain and I can feel the breeze flow through the fabric. I can say very confidently that this is the most comfortable I've ever been in hot conditions like this."

- Chad Heegaard, Founder


While Cheegs’ advanced heat regulation technology is impressive, you might be wondering what it all means for you. Simply put, it means that you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. With Cheegs, you can stay cool and collected throughout the day, no matter what the temperature outside (or inside) is like. Head to our online shop now to experience the ultimate in cool and comfortable dress shirts.