Cheegs Feedback Warms Our Hearts

Cheegs Feedback Warms Our Hearts


Collarless dress shirt review


From the beginning, Cheegs has prioritized feedback from our customers to improve our products and services. Today, I’d like to share some feedback we received on our facebook page recently. It truly brought me to tears!

A wonderful review.

“I'd never heard of this company before, but came across it during a search for collarless dress shirts. I have my sister's wedding coming up, and own literally NO dress clothes of any kind. Business attire is fundamentally against my core identity, but I love my sister, so I agreed to look "nice." I have a very strange body type - extremely broad shoulders, narrow waist, and I'm short... oh, and NO neck to speak of. I look like a hulked out linebacker, if the NFL signed little Oompa Loompas. Anyway, collared dress shirts look utterly ridiculous on me, so I had to find something, anything that wouldn't look just... blech.

I found a Google result for the 1.0 Collarless Future Long Sleeve, and even though the company was wholly unfamiliar, and their FB footprint is admittedly suspiciously small, I decided to throw caution to the wind and order one. The price is way higher than I'd ever spend on the usual t-shirts that populate my closet, but after buying a suit jacket and slacks for the wedding, and the price for that being essentially the GDP of a small country, I figured I'm just out of touch on what dress clothes cost.

I ordered my 1.0 Sunday afternoon. It arrived the following Wednesday, and I only used free shipping - which is a truly admirable turnaround. I opened it up, tried the shirt on, and OMFG...

I'm okay with the price now. I get it. I hate spending a lot of money, but if I have to, it feels good that the price was justified in this case. The fabric feels AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE the hidden snaps, and the neckline actually gives the illusion of me not having a blockhead sitting on a shelf instead of a human head on shoulders. The only negative of the entire experience was entirely my fault. I overthought the sizing and went with one size too big. Even with that mistake, I could still easily wear this one. It's not extremely oversized. I just want something a little more form fitting. Totally on me.

As long as the second order goes as smoothly as the first, I will have to consider this the best online shopping experience I've had.

Y'all deserve a much bigger market presence!”

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