How is the Cheegs shirt different from the mandarin collared shirt?

Cheegs collarless dress shirt vs a men's mandarin collared shirt comparison

What is the mandarin dress shirt and where did it come from?

The mandarin collar itself is a short, unfolded stand-up collar style that can be seen on shirts or jackets. These mandarin collared shirts for men typically feature a rounded, wide, or narrow collar that is worn either button-down or open-necked.

A mandarin collar vs a Cheegs collared shirt

Originally, these garments were designed for the use of the detachable collar, which has largely been left behind in history. Now the desire for these shirts comes from the fact that they provide a clean, neat appearance and give the wearer comfort by not constricting their neck or shoulders.

The mandarin collar has been around for centuries, but it didn't become popular in the US as a style until the 20th century when women started wearing their dresses without traditional collars. This eventually led to men adopting the same style for their dress shirts as few men were wearing ties.

Unfortunately for many Mandarin collar fans who also look for quality products, there aren't many options out there. Not many U.S. companies seem to be producing them.

What is the Cheegs shirt and where does it come from?

The Cheegs shirt is more similar to the mandarin collarless dress shirt than it is to the traditional dress shirt and was created by the American company Cheegs. It is an iconic looking shirt that has been worn by Hollywood stars in films, musicians on stage, and Silicon Valley CEO’s at press conferences. 

The Cheegs shirt was originally invented in 2020 and is known for its curved edges, hidden snap fasteners, and high-tech fabric. Sometimes called the "western mandarin collar," this shirt has become popular because of its versatility and futuristic style - it can be worn as either casual or formal attire depending on the wearer's choice of pants and footwear.

What are the main differences? 

Cheegs shirts do not have the band at the neck that the Mandarin collar has. A Cheegs shirt instead has a rounded neckline that comes together below the adam's apple in a V. Although the Cheegs shirt doesn't allow for the wearer to wear a tie, it also has hidden snaps that can't be seen from the outside.

Cheegs collarless dress shirt vs a men's mandarin collared shirt

The Cheegs shirt was designed in the US and is a great alternative for people looking for a professional look without the discomfort of a traditional or banded collar. Click here for some of the newest releases.

Cheegs collared shirt in blue