How Is Wedding Attire Changing For Men?

non-traditional wedding attire

With the rise of technology and changing times, wedding attire for men is changing. Men are looking for a different look on their big day. They are not interested in the regular formal suits or tuxedos that are the staple of weddings. They want something out of the box, something that can reflect their different personality and style. For many, the “old” and traditional wedding attire is seen as out of style. People are beginning to see discomfort as unacceptable.

The History Behind Wedding Attire

To understand the wedding attire we know today, we have to go back to 1840 at the wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victory. Before this, it was about extravagant furs, gems, and bright colors. After this wedding in 1840, we saw wedding attire change drastically in the direction we think of today. Victory wore a simple white gown and Albert wore his military uniform which was very untraditional at the time. This was the start of the white dress and tux.

Following that change to more black and white wedding attire, in the 1900s we saw the morning suit emerge. Weddings were usually taking place in the morning so this was a primary practical trend that makes a lot of sense for the fashion of the time. Men would wear morning suits with a white collared shirt, paired with a tie of some kind.

Around the 1980s we saw a new suit arrive, which can be seen today. The double-breasted power suite came into wedding fashion. This suit features build-up shoulder pads and a wide chest fit that provides the wearer with a large and confident look. This is why most men wear these suits to work, interviews, and other formal occasions.

Fast forward to today, where the options are opening up and people are deciding to break out of the traditional mold. The options are vast and people are choosing to have traditional weddings and more progressive ones.

How to choose the right wedding attire?

No matter if you are the creative-stylish type or the traditional type, there are some questions you should ask yourself. What is the overall feel you are going for? What is the location of the wedding and when is it? What is the bride planning on wearing, and what do you expect the guests to wear. If you have an answer to all of these questions, then you are one step closer to deciding on the dress code for your big day. Either way, keep in mind that people expect to be comfortable and prolonged discomfort will impact the energy of your day.

So… What do we know?

Wedding attire is undoubtedly changing. Firstly, we see people choosing to prioritize comfort for their big day. We all know that looking great and being uncomfortable is just not worth it anymore. People are well aware that we should be able to get both comfort and a good look. Secondly, style is changing. People are finding more ways to reflect their personalities through what they wear.

Now you know the history and some of the changing that we are seeing. How will you dress for your big day? In today's day and age, this is a choice you get to make for yourself and the choices are endless! If you are looking for a non-traditional look that prioritizes modern style and technical comfort, check out our collarless long sleeve dress shirts. They look fantastic with a suit and provide a modern style that will leave people in awe.