How To Dress for A Remote Job: A Few Favorite Work-From-Home Outfits

June 03, 2022

Home offices are playing an increasingly important role in the work lives of employees, and this is prompting a rise in casual clothing. Many employees now wear casual tops and shorts to work, even when the “business casual” dress code has not been instituted. Small firms, in particular, are seeing a rise in these casual tops and shorts.

The world is accepting the dress shirt with shorts look for professionals working from home.

First things first… I think we can all agree that no matter whether we work from home or the office, it is still important to look professional. Looking professional means clean, put together, and expressive. Professional does not mean wearing a shirt with a stain on it, wearing a shirt with wrinkles all over, or having hair that has clearly been neglected from water for many days. Dressing professionally helps set you apart from the others who are working from home and looking sloppy. Plus, it shows that you care about your appearance and that you take pride in your work. Now that we know why looking professional is still important, let’s look at some of the more common work-from-home outfits.

Outfit #1

The dress shirt and jeans look still dominates as a work-from-home outfit. A black shirt with a nice pair of jeans is one of the outfits we love seeing in men's work-from-home lineup because it looks sharp and has a perfect mix of casual and formal. It is the ideal men’s black shirt outfit!

Dress shirt with Jeans outfit is perfect for working from home

Outfit #2

If you live in a hot place and do not expect any situation where you were be needing to show your lower half to anyone but the bottom of your desk, then this is the outfit for you. The dress shirt with shorts is becoming many warm-climate remote workers' go-to outfits for at-home living.

The perfect work-from-home outfit is a dress shirt with shorts hidden under the table


Outfit #3

The dress shirt and vest look is also becoming really popular for remote workers that need a layer. This outfit can feature whatever bottoms you want as long as they are monogamous with the bottom of the desk.

These are just a few ideas for men looking for ideas for expanding their work-wear wardrobe. I love giving men the power of outfit choice but am biased toward collarless dress shirts. I  like to remind readers that a dress shirt does not necessarily limit you to a collared shirt.