Is Business Attire Moving Towards Collarless Dress Shirts?

Is Business Attire Moving Towards Collarless Dress Shirts?
Collarless dress shirts have traditionally been thought of as more casual than the button-down collar dress shirt. For this reason, dress shirts have stayed fairly consistent throughout the last few decades with very little innovation.


At Cheegs we are undoubtably searching for it but we are seeing a large trend towards collarless dress shirts. It’s not just for the runway, either. In the past few months, this style has been appearing more and more on men in everyday life – from high-powered CEOs to Silicon Valley software engineers. Multiple TV series have had their cast wearing shirts that appear to be designed as a near copy to that of the Cheegs shirt. This is a photo of members of the royal family in "Foundation", a new Apple TV series about a future world.

Foundation empire wearing a Cheegs collarless shirt

In recent years we thought of these shirts being worn by rebellious men, breaking from the mold. But now the collarless business shirt is about as fashionable as it gets for those who want to stay on top of trends while also looking presentable at work.

Collarless shirts in the TV series Foundation

Why is it becoming more popular?

Traditional business shirts aren’t as versatile as they once were. Having said that, in the past, a man’s business shirt has largely just been a shirt, uncomfortable, with the ability to be worn casually and dressed up, with no clear distinction between the two.

But now, collarless dress shirts are starting to appear in the men’s fashion industry, with high-profile designers like Givenchy, Cheegs, and even Gucci jumping on board. This is because the collarless dress shirt has more staying power than the traditional button-down shirt.

As a result, these shirts are more versatile, and can be worn to all sorts of different types of occasions.



Where does this trend go from here?

From Modestly Stylish to Fashionable

The one thing that all businesses should do to stay trendy in a rapidly evolving marketplace is to develop an innovative company culture. So we’ll start by focusing on how the shirt plays into that. The most innovative brands are always taking risks on new trends, but at the same time they’re always faithful to the fundamentals of the craft: timeless design, great materials, and superior execution.

Cheegs is 100% dedicated to delivering the best quality shirts on the market. In other words, we’re offering the ultimate in reliability, workmanship, and value.


The collarless dress shirt is a smart trend that the world of fashion is embracing. It’s not just for the over-refined look, though. The collarless business shirt is right up there with the higher-end dress shirts that many of us have at home.

The good thing is that collarless dress shirts are here to stay. This is partly because the production of collarless dress shirts tends to be more expensive, and they take longer to come in – so there’s less risk in getting a style that’s not readily available on-trend and a bit more expensive.

Cheegs has released their newest collarless dress shirt. Featuring new dependable metal snaps, the 2.0 is softer, better and stronger. The Cheegs team is extremely excited to be leading the way for collarless dress shirts in the work place.

Man wearing a Cheegs collarless dress shirt in white