Office With a View

Office With a View

Our team at Cheegs firmly believes that there is beauty all around us. Whether it’s in the tree trunks, the ripples in the water or the smiling faces of the people, beauty is there. You just have to look for it. That is why when starting Cheegs we made a promise that we would get the work done but not always from an office. We want to be adventuring around this world and being constantly inspired by what it has to offer. We want to live extraordinary lives that prioritizes the interactions between us, you and the rest of the world, allowing us to be our best selves. We are confident that this life we are seeking will bring us to incredible places and we are going to share these experiences with you to push your own boundaries.

sunset view in the apostle islands

Last week we went on an adventure to the Apostle Islands in the north woods of Wisconsin. We were preparing for our upcoming holiday season from a boat floating on the biggest-known freshwater body on the planet. In terms of freshwater volume, Lake Superior is the third largest but only by a bit. We swam in the mornings, worked through the day and cruised from one island to another. 

If you are from the Midwest you have likely heard of Madeline Island, the only inhabited island in the area. What you might not know is that there are 21 more islands around it. Some are big and others are smaller but they all are filled with natural life. We especially enjoyed cruising around the caves on Sand Island. 

One of the big highlights was playing chess listening to Beautiful Strangers by Kevin Morby, with this sunset in the background. 

Guy wearing Cheegs Shirt on a boat in the Apostle Islands

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you.