The Dress Shirt With Ultimate Breathability Does Exist!

A man wearing the ultimate breathable dress shirt

Breathability is something that you don't often hear of when it comes to men’s dress shirts. At Cheegs, we often overlooked it and have tended to highlight more of the other high-tech benefits of our shirts. What we have learned is that breathability is actually one of the things our customers appreciate the most when wearing their Cheegs dress shirts. This piece will give you a better understanding of why breathability is so important and what problems we set off to solve when we engineered our custom blended fabric.

A man wearing an super breathable dress shirt for sweat-prevention and comfort


YES! Breathability is important! Breathability is what keeps you feeling comfortable, dry, and fresh! It’s this lack of airflow which leaves you feeling sweaty, damp, uncomfortable and can eventually lead to aggravation on the skin if the moisture is kept there too long. This makes breathability hugely important for those who walk, run, bike or move regularly throughout their workday.


Man wearing Cheegs Collarless Dress Shirt on bicycle

When it comes to a dress shirt's breathability, of course not all fabrics are created equal. A shirt's ability to breathe is affected by fabric choice, weave, knit pattern, fiber size, and many other determining factors. At Cheegs we created our unique pique-knit construction to be 18 times more breathable than traditional woven fabric. This way you can stay sweat-free and comfortable no matter the time of year. When you wake up and throw a shirt on in the morning, there is no reason to fear that you will sweat through it by lunchtime.

Although there is so much that goes into a great dress shirt, breathable fabric is undoubtedly an essential aspect, especially because dress shirts tend to be worn so close to the skin. If you want your dress shirts to be pleasurable to wear and also look good, then make sure to find one that is breathable.

Our dress shirts are perfect for those who are active during the workday or for anyone who wants to stay comfortable and sweat-free all day. Don't settle for dress shirts that leave you feeling uncomfortable and damp. Upgrade to Cheegs breathable dress shirts today and experience the difference for yourself. Visit our shop now and order yours today.