The Original Collarless Dress Shirt

The Original Collarless Dress Shirt

Cheegs collarless dress shirtAt Cheegs, we were not happy with solely creating the most technologically advanced dress shirts on the planet. Instead, we created a whole new option for business professionals, freeing men from the discomfort that ties and collars caused them. With advancements in fabric technology and the trend towards work-from-home lifestyles, it is only a matter of time before all men refuse to accept discomfort any longer.

What does collarless dress shirt mean? 

The collarless dress shirt is not a casual shirt that you can wear anywhere. The Cheegs collarless dress shirt is tailored, with cuffs, and darts. We are not pushing to casualize business apparel, but instead to offer something that changes formalwear to be more comfortable.  

Why are collarless dress shirts better?

Your work should be celebrated

Many men spend time maintaining and improving their physique. Cheegs collarless dress shirts feature a modern curved cut, which highlights the physical appearance in a way that other shirts do not. This is because the shape of the neck is usually hidden in formal settings but can tell people a lot about the body.

Cheegs light blue collarless dress shirt


More comfortable

This one speaks for itself. With a collarless dress shirt, you will no longer feel the stiff and tight knot around your neck. No more itchiness, neck sweat, and irritated skin.

Comparison between collared and collarless dress shirts

More practical 

With collarless dress shirts you will not have to worry about your tie being too straight, too short, too long, too right, too left, too colorful, too thin, too fat, too wrong. You no longer have to run to the bathroom to re-adjust after any sort of fast movement.

Cheegs collarless dress shirt light blue

More accessory friendly

We have heard many times when surveying men, “I like the color that ties add to my outfit.” We understand that having some color can be important to bringing the rest of the outfit together. The cool thing with collarless dress shirts is that you can really highlight those necklaces that you love. More men are wearing chains these days and nothing looks better than a collarless dress shirt that can showcase your chain.

Time to get rid of your collars!

There is a reason why over 1,000 men across the country have chosen to no longer accept collars and ties in their formal outfits. The world is changing, and when there are other more comfortable options out there, it is only a matter of time before people realize that better is out there. Get yours today!