The Skinny Man With the Perfect Slim Fitted Dress Shirt

The Skinny Man With the Perfect Slim Fitted Dress Shirt

When you are a skinny guy, it is hard to find dress shirts that fit your body type. You are left with shirts that are too big, too long, and too loose. This is even worse when you are in a formal setting or a professional setting like work. We wanted to put together some tips on how to buy the perfect slim-fit dress shirt for you with the intention of teaching you and further demonstrating why the Cheegs shirt is the best option for the skinny professional.

Skinny man with baggie dress clothing

What does the perfect slim-fit shirt look like? 

Well, this answer is a bit subjective to the wearer and the material of the shirt. If the slim shirt is made of stiff, uncomfortable material then the wearer will not want it close against their skin and therefore will prefer the shirt a bit baggier. This is one thing to consider when purchasing or even designing a slim-fitted dress shirt.

In general, a slim-fitted shirt should conform to your body. It should be slim on the shoulders and chest, but not so tight that the buttons are about to explode. The torso should taper slightly at the waist, and it should conform to the body’s shape rather than just hang off of you like a curtain on a rod.

How to decide on the fabric of your slim-fitted shirt? 

With fabric technology improving at a faster rate than ever before, there is way too much technology at your fingertips to settle for something uncomfortable. If comfort is your priority then we suggest you read another one of our blog sections going over our process of engineering fabrics for our shirts.

Cheegs fabric after being made for ultimate comfort

When to Wear a Slim Fitted Shirt

Slim-fitted shirts are cut closer to the body and therefore can create a streamlined shape. They tend to work best for elegant outings, such as at a black-tie function, wedding, or fancy dinner. Tuck them into your favorite pair of chinos or let it peek out from under a lightweight sports jacket.


You don't have to be a clothes connoisseur to find and wear a slim-fit shirt that works for you. Just remember, a slim-fit shirt is meant to bring out the shape and tone of your body. If your body is not where you want it to be at the moment, best to stick with a classic fit.