We are so grateful to have a community who shares our values and desires for better, more comfortable clothing. Below are some of the people who have been a part of the Cheegs journey up to this point, including team members, owners, supporters and customers.

  • Reece VB
  • Franck Marchis
  • Cory Monson
  • Robert Loewe
  • Roderick Guerzon
  • Tim Geoffrion Jr
  • Sam Richardson
  • Adam Schliesmann
  • Khoa Tran
  • Fangliang Liz Guo
  • Drew Walz
  • Tristen Vaughan
  • Mason Tuttle
  • Penelope Hatten
  • Isabel
  • Nate Heegaard
  • Cheung Chung Lun
  • Jake Joraanstad
  • Leon L Roberts
  • Meghan Lawler
  • Chaucer Countryman
  • Christopher R Wyatt
  • Roy Gewelber
  • Scott Hellquist
  • Jon Hoeft
  • Jacob Willner
  • Bob French
  • Matthew Schleusner
  • Cam J Miller
  • Michael Beyer
  • Joe Cavanaugh
  • William G Heegaard
  • Luke D Schraw
  • Kris Kahn
  • Jeremy Holzer
  • Ian Heegaard
  • Joe Heegaard
  • Scott Samuelson
  • Vivek Ramakrishnan
  • Cheryl Thomas
  • A'omare Kyyam

Carbon Neutral

Cheegs was built with sustainability and climate neutrality. We know it's our duty.

Engineered for Optimal Comfort

Designed and tested for optimal comfort. Unrestricted by traditional designs.

Free Returns & Exchanges

U.S. orders always ship free and can be returned hassle-free within 100-days for store credit.

10% off your first order

We want to show first time customers some appreciation for making the jump to Cheegs.