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Our team shares an understanding that it is our duty to our customers, manufacturers and Mother Earth to have our footprint be a core focus. Our motto is, “We handle it so you don't have to think about it”. But you are here, so you clearly want to think about it…

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Why did we choose our space fabric for our Collarfree Future line?

1. When we look at the sustainability of material, we take into account the production process, the care that’s needed and what happens at the end of life.

2. Naturally-derived fabrics aren’t always sustainable, as they can take large amounts of land, water, and inexpensive labor to produce, require dry-cleaning and can release dyes during the washing and dyeing process.

3. Synthetics aren’t always bad either. They can have performance properties, use less water to produce, don’t require dry-cleaning and can be recycled.

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We are constantly working with our manufacturing partners to reduce waste. One of the things we are doing currently is using waste materials from our shirts to make our Just Breathe Masks that will be used to combat Covid-19.

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We choose our partners very carefully, based on ethics, capabilities and service. Price is not a factor in our selection criteria. Although we put massive efforts into moving manufacturing back to the U.S., we found that the U.S. does not have the performance fabric mills to get this sort of fabric made. Not only that but our cut and sew manufacturing expertise is still far behind that of Taiwan.

Our manufacturing partners in Taiwan are nearby one another in efforts to reduce transport from the mill to our cut and sewing facilities. They are Oeko-tex certified which is one of the most recognized environmentally-responsible production certifications.

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Shipping by sea versus air reduces the CO2 emissions for a typical shirt by 8 pounds. It’s a significant difference that motivates the whole industry to shift from their reliance on air-shipping. Due to lead times we are not always able to ship by sea, but are shifting as much as possible to make the sea our most used method of transportation.

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EcoCart Integration

EcoCart Integration

We have partnered with EcoCart to help give customers a chance to follow the energy projects for their purchases.

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