The 6 reasons you haven’t bought from us… yet.

  1. What if I don’t pick the right size?
    1. Answer: online shopping shouldn’t limit you in trying different sizes.
      1. It is hard to decide on a size for a product you can only see on a screen. That’s why we’ve been trying to make this process as easy as possible for you. You can use our find my fit tool that will tell you the perfect size for the perfect fit, a more loose fit and a more tight fit. If you still manage to not get the right size, you can go to our returns & exchange portal and have your new size right on its way, for free!
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  2. What if I don’t like this shirt and I’m stuck with it?
    1. Answer: we don’t want you wearing something you don’t like.
      1. Feeling stuck with a shirt you bought online is one of the worst feelings. This is why we set out to take care of every customer - whether they love our shirts or not. So we made returns as easy as possible with our return portal. That said, 19 out of 20 people keep their Cheegs shirt.
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  3. What if I want to know how it feels and how it looks before I buy it?
    1. Answer: You’ll never know, no matter how long you stare at the website.
      1. Analysis paralysis is a real thing and, often, the more you sit there looking at it, the deeper into indecision you’ll fall. The only way to really know if it’s your style is by wearing it, IRL. We do our best to outline on our website how our shirts look, feel and perform and you’re always welcome to give us a call. But when it comes down to it, you’ll never know if this is the shirt for you until you try it on. We also back every purchase with a 30-day return and 100-day store credit return. More on that later, but it’s just as it sounds. A hundred days to try out our shirt in the comfort of your own home. If it’s not an amazing fit, we’ll refund every cent of the shirt. Simple as that.
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  4. What if this shirt doesn’t last?
    1. Answer: Actually, it is made to last for a long time.
      1. We stand behind our shirts so much that we’ve included a hassle-free, 2 year limited warranty in every sale. But even if you decide to return yours. It’s easy; 1. You go to our return portal. 2. You send us your shirt. 3. We will send you a new one.
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  5. What if you aren’t around in 2 years?
    1. Answer: We’re here to stay. For the long run.
      1. From the very beginning of our company, we have made decisions with the future in mind and have sought to do the right thing - not just for now, but for the future. Our business decisions are focussed on longevity.
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  6. What if my purchase isn’t protected? 
    1. Answer: We know this is a big purchase, and that’s why we have your back.
      1. We dont just make great shirts. We deliver quality experiences that give you everything you deserve.
      2. 100-day return / Hassle-free returns & exchanges / Great customer service. 
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  7. What if I decide to return this shirt, Is it a hassle?
    1. Answer: We take care of the heavy part, so you don’t have to. Promise.
      1. Maybe you didn’t buy our simplicity claims the first time you read them. So let us be unequivocally clear: we’ve made everything about our buying experience as easy as humanly possible, even returns.
      2. 1. Go to our return portal. 2. Put your shirt on the mail. 3. Get a refund.
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  8. I’m concerned that I’ll get too many compliments and that I’ll love my Cheegs shirt too much. You sold me a Cheegs shirt, like, 3 bullet points ago.
    1. Answer: we believe that a comfortable shirt is paramount. Yes, ease of purchase, fair prices, comfort, and durability matter. But it’s the sum of all parts that matters most. When we hear from our customers how they are experiencing comfort they’ve never felt before, well, it gives us all the power to make the world a brighter place.
    2. Thank you for choosing Cheegs. The only thing that’s left is to pick your Cheegs shirt!