The 6 differences between SeerTech™ and Traditional Seersucker

The 6 differences between SeerTech™ and Traditional Seersucker

In the timeless dance between tradition and innovation, Cheegs unveils the SeerTech™ Series, rewriting the narrative of seersucker. Join us as we compare traditional seersucker with the avant-garde benefits of SeerTech™, a fabric that goes beyond expectations.

1. CoolMax EcoMade® Moisture Wicking Performance Technology:

Traditional Seersucker: Relies on its inherent crinkled texture for breathability.

SeerTech™ Advantage: CoolMax EcoMade® ensures active moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and dry in every situation.

Breathability Comparison SeerTech™ versus traditional seersucker

2. Flexibility and Wrinkle Resistance:

Traditional Seersucker: Celebrates its crinkles but compromises on flexibility and is prone to wrinkles.

SeerTech™ Advantage: Boasts excellent stretch without sacrificing elegance, remaining wrinkle-resistant throughout the day.

Comparison wrinkle resistance SeerTech™ versus traditional seersucker

3. Resistance to Fiber Damage:

Traditional Seersucker: Can be delicate, susceptible to fiber damage over time.

SeerTech™ Advantage: Stands resilient, resisting fiber damage for a prolonged wear life, ensuring durability.

Comparison of Cheegs SeerTech™ fabric and traditional seertech fabric durability


4. Practical Features:

Traditional Seersucker: May lack practical elements like split hems for pocket access and stain resistance.

SeerTech™ Advantage: Designed for practicality, SeerTech™ includes split hems, water absorption and quick-drying properties, and more, catering to modern needs.

Showcasing the Cheegs SeerTech™ Split Hem

5. Natural Texture and Aesthetics:

Traditional Seersucker: Celebrates the natural texture but may lack a technological edge.

SeerTech™ Advantage: Blends natural aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, delivering a unique and visually pleasing texture.

Photo showcasing SeerTech™ Stretch

6. Sustainable Innovation:

Traditional Seersucker: May not prioritize sustainability in its production process.

SeerTech™ Advantage: CoolMax EcoMade® is crafted from 100% textile waste, making SeerTech™ a sustainable choice without compromising performance.

SeerTech™ Durability Process

SeerTech™ emerges not just as a fabric but as a complete reimagining of what seersucker can be. While traditional seersucker charms with its classic appeal, SeerTech™ steps into the future, providing unmatched comfort, durability, and sustainability. The SeerTech™ Series is more than a garment; it's an evolution in men's fashion that respects tradition while embracing the possibilities of tomorrow.

Elevate your style with SeerTech™ – where tradition meets innovation,