The Traveler’s Dress Shirt

Cheegs dress shirt for travelers in white, blue, and black

What makes a dress shirt high quality?

A high-quality dress shirt is largely determined by the fabric quality and the construction of the dress shirt. When I say the construction I am talking about the seams, linings, tailoring, buttons, and pockets. If you look carefully, you can easily determine the quality of construction by the main seams. Are they straight and neat or crooked and messy? We will discuss the construction of a high-quality dress shirt in detail in our next entry. 

The fabric quality is where it gets interesting because everyone has their preferences. To avoid getting off-topic discussing fabric fibers and personal preferences, we are going to stick to talking about the benefits a fabric can give or lack. Today’s entry is for the traveler so if that is you, you’re in for a treat.

What makes a men’s dress shirt easy to travel with?

A travel dress shirt is designed to be easy to pack, easy to wear, and easy to wash. It is a great option for people who are always on the go and need something that can be packed in a suitcase or carry-on bag. 

Luckily for travelers, there are incredibly smart engineers and weavers out there that have helped make all of these things possible. 

  • Easy to pack usually means the shirt can be thrown in a bag without worrying about the wrinkles. This means the perfect traveler's dress shirt has to be made with wrinkle-resistant fabric.
  • Easy to wear touches on the comfort, practicality, and versatility of the shirt. Comfort is extremely important and includes the shirt's breathability, odor resistance, and overall feel on the skin. Two practical things you can find in a travel dress shirt are stain resistance and snap buttons. The non-staining feature helps avoid a spill ruining your day and the durable snap buttons will keep you from walking around at the airport looking for a needle and thread with your chest hanging out. Versatility comes down to the look of the shirt. Will you be underdressed or overdressed? Can one shirt do it all? These are things the traveler should think about when packing for a work trip.
  • Easy to wash just means you can throw it in a machine and do not need dry cleaning services. Dry cleaners are inconvenient, expensive, and unnecessary with today's fabric technology.

How to make travel easier with a good dress shirt?

It is simple! There are travel dress shirts that are made with all of these things in mind. Cheegs designed their 2.0 Hybrid for the professional traveler. All Cheegs shirts are made using wrinkle-resistant fabrics due to a shared loathing for ironing by the Cheegs Team.

For comfort, Cheegs engineered a perfectly weighted double pique-kitted shirt that is 18 times as breathable as your traditional cotton shirt. This means you sweat less and stay cool all day. They also use some of the craziest yarn on the planet in their shirts for thermoregulating so traveling professionals stay comfortable no matter the environment they are in.

To meet versatility needs, Cheegs designed their shirts to work for all occasions. Whether you are out for cocktails with friends or leading a business workshop, their collarless design keeps you professional and cool. All shirts can of course be machine washed and dried.

What to look for when choosing easy to travel dress shirts?

When choosing easy to travel shirts you need to be thinking about all of the different things you will be doing while wearing the shirts. Look for fabrics that will keep you comfortable, stress-free, and looking good. The founder of Cheegs looked for a shirt that met all of these needs for years without finding them. That’s why he started Cheegs to meet the needs of the traveling professional.

Check out the 2.0 long sleeve and make sure to scroll down and take a look at the features we build into the shirt. They truly are extraordinary and the best dress shirts for travelers.